HOOK-TOPUS is an innovative lifting accessory to raise loads by a simple mechanism that drops what it is holding in a fast and reliable way. We have designed it thinking in the final user. For this purpose, some drivers have provided us their experience, giving their point of view of their needs.

We have designed it thinking in the final user. For this purpose, some drivers have provided us their experience, giving their point of view of their needs. The objective of his design is to increase the security of the load raisings and the following dropping of big bags, slings, chains and shackles

This is a mechanical system and it does not need motors, batteries or remote controls to work.

+ security + productivity

The Hook-Topus has been designed in order to improve

your company’s security and productivity


It is failsafe

The hook will not drop the load if it is suspended in the air.


We get it in a mechanical way and without electric tools.


With our system you will just need one worker. He will be able to drive the crane and drop the load in a self-sufficient and secure way.




The HOOK-TOPUS 4D-1500K is specially designed for shifting big bags.


Our hook for slings Hook-Topus is compact and robust. It is designed in order to be suspended from hook of the crane using approved shackles or slings, even it can be hooked directly on the machine following the instructions of the manufacturer.

Up to 1500 Kg of load


We have counted on the aid of the leading companies of this sector to design it.


We have used the best materials, and its parts have been joined together with approved soldering guns by professionals with official certifications. This system has been designed, made, inspected, and tested following the requirements of the Spanish regulation “Directiva de máquinas 2006/42/CE del 17 de mayo de 2006”, and the construction technical record compliances with the Spanish regulation “Anexo VII de la Directiva 2006/42/CE.


For this purpose, the hook compliances with the following regulations:

· EN ISO 12100:2010 Seguridad de las máquinas. Principios generales para el diseño, la evaluación del riesgo y la reducción del riesgo (ISO 12100:2010).

· EN 614-2:2000+A1:2008 Seguridad de las máquinas. Principios de diseño ergonómico. Parte 2: Interacciones entre el diseño de las máquinas y las tareas de trabajo.




His simple design assures an economical maintenance without specialized tools.



As it is completely a mechanical tool, it can be used in extreme environmental conditions. You can immerse the hook in water and this will not affect his functioning. It does not need batteries, remote controls or complex operations of maintenance. If necessary, the hook has a deadbolt system to avoid the accidental disconnection of the sling, in order to reduce risks and increase the security.


His simple design will allow you to work with efficacy in extreme conditions (even under the water).

grip types

The hook uses some lifting components as: belt slings, chain slings, and shackles. In addition, you can hook directly the big bag up to the hook by its own handles.

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We are habitually update to give our customers new contents to improve their experience with us. We also want to show how the system of HOOK-TOPUS can work in different situations and different ways, always improving the security and productivity of the load movements.


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